The London Mesotherapy Center was founded by Dr Vincent Kabeya who has been practising Mesotherapy since 1998. He started his career as a Bio-Chemical and Nutrition Engineer before becoming Medical Doctor.

IMG_7671Today Dr. Kabeya is a specialist in Mesotherapy and Dermatology practising as a Cosmetic Medical Doctor. He is also the President and Founder of UKAM, the United Kingdom Association of Mesotherapy.

Dr. Kabeya is a member of the following organizations and associations:

  • Member of GMC, General Medical Council (UK)
  • Member of GMC, General Medical Council (Belgium)
  • Member of SSMB, Société Scientifique de Mésothérapie Belge (Belgium)
  • Member of CNME, College National de Medecine Esthetique (France)
  • Member of SFM, Société de Mesotherapie Française (France)
  • Member of PCDS, Primary Care Society of Dermatology (UK)
  • Member of AMME, Association de Medecine et de Mesotherapie Esthétique (France)
  • Member of AFME association Française des Medecins Esthétiques (France)
  • President and Founder of UKAM, United Kindgom Association of Mesotherapy

In order to stay updated with the latest scientific evolutions,  Dr. V.M. Kabeya is attending   numerous medical congresses / seminars throughout Europe and the USA

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