Hamelin holds over 25 years of experience changing and transforming male and female bodies, his uniquely detailed approach is sought after by clients and students worldwide. Deep muscle work is the seed of his fast acting muscle sculpting, fat loss and yoga technique, the exercises will in return promote a new physique that’s slim, firm and refined in definition. Hamelin is voted top London personal trainer by CocoPro and combines his experience with that of yoga and Ayurveda. His trained eye to detail will ensure the client sees results within a short period of time and that the results are refined, visible and most of all motivating.

Each session is different and every session is challenging yet fun.His sessions can be described as intense pilates or intense Jane Fonda floor work with a soothing effect on mind and breath.

You can book your training session with Hamelin by emailing info@hamelindabellmethod.com

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