cellulite skin on her legs

Mesotherapy is a procedure used for weight loss and body sculpting to reduce, eliminate and contour specific undesired fat pockets. Once injected into the skin, the formula slowly diffuses into the fat, and breaks it down.

If you want to lose weight you may have tried a number of different methods, with no luck. Dr Kabeya’s proven track-record could be the key to realising your weight loss goals, seeing weight drop off, making for a more confident and healthy you.

After a nutritional questionnaire, a full medical story and an appropriate blood test, Dr Kabeya will present you with a customised diet program and discuss different options to improve weight loss with you. This will be done in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere, as weight loss can be a source of stress.

Testimonials for Meso Sculpting / Weight Loss Treatment:

I want to thank you for the great results that the Mesotherapy had on me! In only 7 sessions all the cellulite I had is reduced visibly and I’ve also lost 7 Kilos, thanks also for your diet tips on how and what to eat.

V.M – London


I’m a size 10 female and have always wanted a slim curvy waist, but, most of the fat always accumulate and stay around my waist area. From the 3rd session onward, I see and feel slight noticeable effects. After 6 treatments, my waist became more refined with contour and tightening, I now feel a silhouette, which is great again, thanks again.

K.T – London


When I was younger I had a very unhealthy diet, and the weight has kind of stayed with me. I’m not a typical gym bunny. I thought Mesotherapy was only used to treat cellulite, however it’s also used to treat stubborn areas of fat i.e. your inner thighs, love handles, tummy and other areas such as under the chin.I didn’t notice a difference until my 6th session but everybody is different, when I say 6th session I mean a dramatic difference I went from large size 14 and slimmed down to a size 12 but really noticed it around my hips, I had a waist again! Dr Kabeya is an amazing doctor.

L.H. London