Don’t let cellulite affect your self-confidence or the way you live your life. Combat the root of cellulite production with microinjections directly into the skin.

Dr Kabeya’s treatment involves injecting microscopic quantities of vitamins, homeopathic medications, plant extracts and minerals just under the skin’s surface, this replaces lost vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are found in lower levels in skin and helps to breaks down cellulite, which is a skin alteration often described as an ‘orange peel,’ ‘mattress,’ or ‘dimpling’.


Testimonials for Cellulite Treatments

I had a course of 12 Mesotherapy sessions over 8 weeks and I am really pleased with the result. I initially turned to Mesotherapy to reduce cellulite however I found that it really aided weight loss as well.
I recommend Mesotherapy to anyone who would like to reduce weight, improve skin tone and minimise cellulite. I lost 9.2 cm from my waist, 6.4 cm from my hips and 4.5 cm from each thigh over the 8 weeks and there is also a noticeable improvement in the skin tone.

A. M London

I have been having Mesotherapy treatments from Dr Vincent Kabeya for the past year and have noticed a huge improvement both in my cellulite and weight loss in previously problem areas around the hips, stomach, thighs and ‘love handles’. Dr Vincent is very helpful and professional and helps explain the process along with other health and diet tips to combat cellulite – he’s a miracle worker!

R.W. London

Having a genetic condition like capillary boot has affected me physically and mentally, virtually from puberty. I’ve never been overweight but I have I had ‘stage 3’ cellulite from my hips to my knees all this time? Two years ago I ran the marathon but my cellulite looked worse than ever. Being so thin made the skin on my thighs look saggy and the cellulite worse, not better. Dr Kabeya was the first doctor (including my GP) who’d talked to me sympathetically about my problems. I would really recommend this treatment to anyone who is unhappy about their cellulite, and would like to see it improve. I’m delighted.

K.S. London

Dr Kabeya is probably completely unlike any other doctor you will ever meet! His warmth, attentiveness, humour and genuine interest in his clients’ wellbeing makes the experience of Mesotherapy a delight, even if the needles are a bit painful!! It took about 6 sessions of not seeing much visible change and then suddenly in session 7 and 8, I noticed a huge reduction in my cellulite! I’ve just had session 9 and another marked improvement!

E.B. London