The Greek scientist Hypprocate used to say “nutrition should be your first medicine”

Today, the key role played by unbalanced food in health is more and more obvious. As well as being a Cosmetic Medical Specialist, Dr Kabeya, who holds a Medical Doctor degree but also a degree in Agronomical Engineering with a specialisation in Biochemistry of Nutrition and Dietetic. Dr Kabeya will welcome you to his Nutrition clinic with a holistic and scientific approach of wellbeing and anti-aging.

Weight loss

Following a nutritional questionnaire, a full medical story and an appropriate blood test, Dr Kabeya will present you with a customised diet program and discuss with you different options to improve weight loss. This approach will be done in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere as weight symptoms are often a source of stress. Mesosculpting treatment will help you if necessary to harmoniously reshape your body.

Gaining weight

Impassioned by this unusual request, Dr Kabeya has a specific program to help patients gain weight successfully. The Nutrition Clinic has worked with a number of patients to increase weight and this is done through carefully planned diet and close consultation with the patient.

Nutritional and functional biology

This consists of performing various blood tests to provide the Patient and Doctor an accurate blood analysis. This is used to to define various profiles associated with your health condition such as acne, eczema, dermatitis, weight symptoms, hair loss and aging.

  • Oxydatif stress profile
  • Fatty acid profile
  • Micro nutrition profile
  • hormonology profile
  • Vitamin profile
  • CoenzymeQ10
  • Food allergy
  • Urine analyses (T3/T4)

Following these analyses a personalised and comprehensive nutritional program will be given to the patient with a close medical follow up.

For more information about nutritional programs at the nutrition clinic please contact us.