I had a course of 12 Mesotherapy sessions over 8 weeks and I am really pleased with the result. I initially turned to Mesotherapy to reduce cellulite however I found that it really aided weight loss as well.

I really recommend this treatment to anyone who would like to reduce weight, improve skin tone and minimise cellulite. I lost 9.2 cm from my waist, 6.4 cm from my hips and 4.5 cm from each thigh over the 8 weeks and there is also a noticeable improvement in the skin tone. Plus the cellulite has almost all disappeared.

Dr Kabeya put me at ease straight away his warm manner and made the whole experience very relaxed. At first I was concerned that the treatment, which involves quite a few injections in quick succession, would be painful or uncomfortable, fortunately it was neither. At worse it became a little uncomfortable once the weight started to come off. The sensation is like a very light pinch and there was a little bruising afterwards, but I’m prone to bruising easily.

Overall I’m very pleased with the results and cannot recommend Dr. Kabeya highly enough

A. M

I’m a size 10 female and have always wanted a slim curvy waist, but, most of the fat always accumulate and stay around my waist area. Although, I regularly do sit-up on a daily basis and eat healthy foods to get rid of the excess fat, nothing seems to work on slimming my waist.

I heard about Mesotherapy and choose Dr Kabeya because he is the President of Mesotherapy Association in the UK. After a full consultation I realized that the injections are safe with minor needle pain and treatments can take place in your lunch breaks, I decided to go ahead with weekly treatments.

From the 3rd session onward, I see and feel slight noticeable effects. After 6 treatments, my waist became more refined with contour and tightening, I now feel a silhouette, which is great again, thanks again.


I have been having Botox for years, recently I visited Dr Kabeya. I was delighted with the results, I have to say it is the best treatment I have ever had. My forehead is smooth and plump and my eyebrows have a slight lift taking years off me. I would really recommend Dr Kabeya to everyone


When I was younger I had a very unhealthy diet, and the weight has kind of stayed with me. I’m not a typical gym bunny. When I heard about Mesotherapy I was intrigued. I thought Mesotherapy was only used to treat cellulite, however, I was wrong as it’s also used to treat stubborn areas of fat i.e. your inner thighs, love handles, tummy and other areas such as under the chin. I was so impressed with the way it worked too, you have a session once a week, a minimum of ten sessions is needed, nevertheless, don’t expect to be injected on your 1st treatment and its instant weight loss, it’s a process.

I didn’t notice a difference until my 6th session but everybody is different, when I say 6th session I mean a dramatic difference I went from large size 14 and slimmed down to a size 12 but really noticed it around my hips, I had a waist again!

I’ve continued with the treatment and am currently on my 15th session and am so overjoyed with how my body has improved not only have I lost the weight but my skin texture is so much better. I’m concentrating on my thigh area now but I’m overwhelmed with the results I still have my curves if anything it accentuates my lips where I have had immunotherapy on my face to slim down. Dr Kabeya is pure genius he really is, long gone are my muffin tops and fat bulging out of areas I don’t want, I have shrunk in volume and I am very happy.

Dr Kabeya is an amazing doctor I first met him when he did my lips and that’s how I found out about the Mesotherapy treatment.



I am now 26 years old, and have suffered with acne since my early teens. I have tried several products over the years including antibiotics, Nlite treatment and Roaccutane, but none of these have actually given me the desired result of being rid of my acne problem. Fortunately for me, Dr Kabeya was recommended to me as a doctor who specialises in treatment of darker skin types.

On my first visit, he explained my acne, acne scarring, and pigmentation conditions to me so that I understood the background of my problem and how it relates to my skin colour.

He then proceeded to explain what the nature of my treatment will be in order to tackle each of the issues, paying careful attention to the risks associated with black skin.

I booked my first microdermabrasion appointment and have subsequently had my first treatment. Immediately after it, I was concerned about the way my skin looked as there was some bleeding and soreness following the procedure. However, as the week progressed, I noticed my skin peeling and revealing a much healthier looking layer underneath.

I have since not had any significant outbreaks, my skin is much less volatile, and even the appearance of my scars has improved; all this after only one treatment. I’m looking forward to the rest of my sessions, to see how much benefit I am actually going to enjoy from the treatment I am receiving with Dr Kabeya



I would like to say Thank you for my treatments of Mesotherapy. I have been a size 16 for at less 10 years and have found it so hard to loose weight by diets or going to the gym. Amazingly after four treatments on my tummy, on my back and my double chin.

I am now a size down in my clothing, to be able to shop for size 14 clothing this has just given me a confidant boost and I feel more famine too. As my body shape has reduced and I am more curvy in the right places. My skin on my face is clear and there has been no spots. My male friends have been taking second glances at me, and asking me, ‘what going on, you are different?’. It feel good!

My period has stopped for over six years now, I have seen a gynaecologist in Harley Street and a nutritionist. I am very concern about it as I am 36 and want to start a family. As a female, I know what mother nature give us will come naturally, but I used to pray for my period to come very month.

I have been sent to have blood tests after blood tests to find out if it’s thyroid or progesterone problems. I have had two operations to see if it is cancer of the ovaries. Thank goodness it was benign.

I have been advice to take medications to make me bleed and conceive, but I felt my body needed to mend itself without other side effects on top.

But I am Stunned! I feel like I have won the lottery! My period has returned, I do not know why or how, but I do feel Mesotherapy with you Dr Kabeya has contributed to my health and well begin. This is such a great step forward for me and my partner to plan our family. I have gain much, much more.

Thank you Dr Kabeya from the bottom of my heart. X



I want to say how grateful I am to be one of your patients, you have helped me re-vitalise myself and treatment me inside out, so l could achieve my goals that I was struggling with. Your kind and honest advice and treatments made things so easy, we carried out both mesotherapy with a bit of peeling to improve my skin and circulation. Throughout the sessions I used to enjoy the comfortable and calm setting of your clinic then could see results at each and every visit, which me so positive and very keen not mess any. My skin feels and looks younger, and my figure rocks.

I just want to say I am very grateful, and thank you very much.



I have been having mesotherapy treatment from Dr Vincent Kabeya for the past year and have noticed a huge improvement both in my cellulite and weight loss in previously problem areas around the hips, stomach, thighs and ‘love handles’. I have also suffered from candida in the past and have found that this treatment greatly helps this condition – I think from the injection of vitamins into my body, I have found that it has cleared up completely when I am on a course of mesotherapy. I would recommend a course not only to someone who wishes to slim and tone cellulite but also wants to see their overall health improve. It is a fantastic antidote to stressful city living. Dr Vincent is very helpful and professional and helps explain the process along with other health and diet tips to combat cellulite – he’s a miracle worker!



I have been having a course of mesolift (face) and mesotherapy (body) with Dr Vincent Kabeya for the past 6 months or so. Before embarking on the treatment I was given a full (free) consultation and told what to expect. I have always been very cynical about high-tech treatments, having tried a few others and getting no discernible results. However, I have to say that this meso treatment is something I would continue to do indefinitely. I can see definite improvement in my skin, on my face, under the chin, abdomen, thighs and upper arms. A lot of my friends have asked me what I’m using on my face – in fact a friend whom I haven’t seen in a year asked me if I had “something done”!

The wonderful thing about this treatment is that it is non-invasive and you know that nothing but good ingredients are going into your body. It is cumulative, in that you see improvement all the time. I can actually go out without makeup now which is something I would never have done before. When I am finished the course, I will be doing a maintenance top-up on Dr Kabeya’s advice. I am confident in doing this as I know he does not try to persuade me to take extra treatments if he felt I did not need them; and of course I see the results as the course goes on. Apart from undoing all the years of damage, I feel I am taking preventative measures for the future. It is not my intention to look young (although this does take years off) but really to have good skin and a toned body. It is a better investment than buying a fur coat!

I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone, but I would emphasise that I would be careful who administers it. I know that Dr Kabeya is a highly-trained professional with a particular expertise in this area. He also gives great advice about skincare, and is always telling me about new ways of treatment he has researched. In summary, I am absolutely delighted with Dr Kabeya and mesotherapy.



Having a genetic condition like capillary boot has affected me physically and mentally, virtually from puberty. It made me wonder why I didn’t develop into a beautiful teenager in the same why my classmates did. I’ve always kept myself fit and healthy, with plenty of exercise, drunk plenty of water, eaten the right things, and I’ve never been overweight. On average my BMI has remained below 22 and at it’s highest was briefly 25. Why then, have I had ‘stage 3’ cellulite from my hips to my knees all this time? Two years ago I ran the marathon but my cellulite looked worse than ever. Being so thin made the skin on my thighs look saggy and the cellulite worse, not better. I’d had enough of the excruciating embarrassment. For too long my insecurities had been dismissed as foolish and self-indulgent by those around me. I wanted to look good in a bikini! I deserved it.

Dr Kabeya was the first doctor (including my GP) who’d talked to me sympathetically about my problems. He didn’t infer that it was just my self-image and a change of food intake that was needed. Finally someone understood how it made me feel and didn’t discount it as a silly hang up. That was 6 months ago. Those white trousers I didn’t have the confidence to wear, look great on me now. Even when I’m under a vertical spotlight. Today, instead of grimacing when I catch sight of a reflection I don’t like, I do a double-take because I can’t quite believe it’s me. I have a beach holiday planned in a few weeks. I’m actually looking forward to that ‘dreaded walk of death’ from the sea to my lounger! I would really recommend this treatment to anyone who is unhappy about their cellulite, and would like to see it improve. I’m delighted.



Approximately 2 year and half years ago in June 2007, I entered the office of Dr. Kabeya, a distruaght 21 year old Actress, with no confidence. This was due to the fact that unfortunately i was unable to wear skirts and feel good about my body, due to the Black horrific scars on my legs. In summer I would wear thick tights or leggings, because the thought of anyone seeing these scars on my legs made me feel worthless. The scars on my legs had been there for three years as a result of Eczema, and emotional and mentally effected my self esteem. The fact that i felt stressed and low made my Eczema worse making me scratch more, which as a result made my Hyper-pigmentation Scars worse.

I was very depressed and felt alone, as there was nobody i could confide in, who could understand what it felt like to have this problem. Dr.Kabeya was my last hope!

My first meeting with Dr.Kabeya gave me a little hope and optimism, firstly he was a Black man, so understood the complexity of Black Skin and the effects of hyper-pigmentation. ( All the other dermatologist I saw where White, and didn’t really have an in depth knowledge into black skin.) Dr.Kabeya informed me of the treatment that I will undergo, which was a mixture of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Hydroquine, Microdermibrasion and TCA peeling. I had to see him at least every 2-3 weeks. He always did a test firstly to see how my skin took to the treatments, and he’s kindness, friendliness and optimism installed faith within me. Now for the first 2 months I didn’t see any dramatic change, which made me doubt Dr. Kabeya. I had tried so many treatments prior to meeting him, so I thought this would be another waste of my money, but he told me to be patient and to stay positive.

By the 3rd month I could see the first sign of gradual fading, so i continued with the treatments. I began to see Dr. Kabeya less and less as my skin was improving more and more.

March 2010 – Words can not express how I feel. I am a successful Actress and feel that my progress as an Actress would not have been possible if I didn’t get my skin sorted! I mean how many Actress do you see on the red caret with scars all over their legs, none! It is remarkable how not only my Skin has changed but my perception of myself. It’s almost a miracle, as the scars that were once there have been banished physically, emotionally and mentally. Dr.Kabeya has given me more than just a beautiful complexion but he has restored my confidence, happiness and vibrancy within me.

I am glad that I continued the treatment, as I now feel that I have a dermatologist that I can count on, if i have any other skin issues within my life, I know that Dr. Kabeya will be able to help me. I walk out on stage knowing that what once used to drag me down, is no more!

I will definitely say 95% success!