The most frustrating aspect of using topical prescription medications is preventing negative reactions. The other major concern is determining which skin-care products you can use and the order in which to use them. No matter which medication your doctor prescribed, you still need a great skin-care routine as usual. Dr Kabeya explain how you can combine the two for beautiful results.

Many of the prescription products contain the same ingredients as those available over-the-counter, but are in higher dosage strengths. Examples of such products include products to slow the growth of, remove or lighten unwanted facial hair; products to grow hair in scalp areas lacking hair; and exfoliant products including certain alpha-hydroxy acid products.

If you have already tried certain over-the-counter treatments, make sure you let Dr Kabeya know this. In any case, he will work with you to provides you with a suitable home skincare regime with recommended products to improve your appearance which is then carefully monitored and adapted to your skin’s requirements as your requirements change.